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One good factor with this underwater metal detector is that it can be used on land. Moreover, this underwater metal detector has a waterproof housing that can stand up to moist, humid, and dusty environments. Seriously doing an underwater search and using a VLF instead of a pulse metal detector, you greatly reduce your chances of finding something really worthwhile.

There you have it; our shortlist for the top 5 best underwater metal detectors to buy in 2018. I’m sure you are wondering why such a small metal detector costs almost $200? It is equally a versatile metal detector, and the advantage is that it can go up to 250 ft. for 10 – 15 hours per charge even in salty water thanks to the Pulse Induction technology that cancels out the effect of ground minerals. So, without further ado, here are our top 5 picks for the best underwater metal detectors.

PI metal detectors are the best for salt water environments and scuba diving. ANFIBIO is a completely new gold and metal detector with multiple releases. You may be able to find a package deal that includes the machine you want along with some or all of these metal detecting accessories. Some can only be submerged as deep as 40 or 50 feet underwater while others can go 200 feet or more.

On the other hand, all-metal Normal Mode tends to increase the volume of the audio tones as you approach the target. This is a very vital feature that guarantees the user identification of every metal in the surrounding as a possible target. Before we even get into discussing and reviewing the underwater detectors themselves it’s important you understand this device will be a sizable investment, often costing upwards of $1,000.

You should choose an underwater metal detector with a larger search coil because the bigger the coil, the higher the sensitivity. I’d really recommend getting yourself the best underwater metal detector you can afford if you are spending lots of time in or near the water. If the metal detector is to be used on salty water such as oceans, or if the whole metal detector will be fully submerged in water, then an underwater metal detector is the most appropriate. With enough time, research and appropriate consideration of budget, you can get your hands on a brilliant underwater metal detector that will provide you with countless hunts.

Critical Elements In Underwater Metal Detectors – The Basics

Mesh pouch: This piece of equipment is very useful when scuba diving or snorkeling. Whether you are walking along the surf or snorkeling at low tide, steel trowel will allow you to stay standing whilst uncovering a target. A long steel trowel: Instead of scrambling with hands, you will be able to move sand much faster while digging at the ocean floor. Chest harness will make it easier for you to carry the detector and maintain balance by taking some weight from your arms. They will be of great help to you when going underwater.

If you recover targets mostly in the sand, you can simply fan the silt sand and small rocks away with your hand or a small paddle like a ping-pong bat. Some snorkeling treasure hunters use long wood-handled steel trowels for recovering targets from the rocky or hard clay bottom. Zero discrimination and maximum sensitivity settings will provide the greatest operational depth range which is necessary to detect gold targets. When in deep sand, slow down the speed of the sweeps and listen for “tiny” and deep signals. Pay close attention to the bottom “pot holes” and dig every target they may contain.

The VLF type of detector though will be affected by the salt minerals and that clouds its signal so therefore it can’t be as effective when it is placed in saltwater. There are products though that are fully waterproof and can go to great distances underwater. With some of these products that we have reviewed here, the coil is completely waterproof but the control box isn’t. If you’re only ever going to be in freshwater when the VLF type of detectors would probably be better and they are less prone to detecting random junk and therefore would be more precise.

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