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Good quality – durable, shockproof and the coil is not afraid of water. Fully waterproof to 10 feet with orange color for added visibility underwater.

Avoid snorkeling with a metal detector in the tropical and subtropical ocean surf at night as you may encounter a sting ray. Shipwreck Diving includes both treasure hunting in the area around a shipwreck and searching for valuable artifacts inside the sunken ships.

If yes, then you will need an underwater metal detector.  But before we get down to listing the best basics  for your expedition, you need to understand what this device is. The AQUAPULSE 1B underwater metal detector has featured in every conceivable underwater application around the world in the past decade with an exceptional degree of success.

Go for a model that features a short dive pole in order to have a more comfortable search while diving. Let’s say you’re gonna use it near salt water most of the time. While it could be difficult to say exactly where you’ll be using your detector, you probably have an idea if you’re going to dive and check out shipwrecks or you will walk along a beach (fresh or salt water) wading ashore. As you will be taking this device underwater, you want to know the manufacturer will replace it in the event of a malfunction.

This is good for identifying what metal you have likely found as opposed to the monotonous beeps of single tone identification. No one would want to discover that there is no battery left only after 2 minutes of hunting anyway. It has a 1/8 inch headphone jack for private hunting and for use in noisy areas such as parks. It can search up to 8″ deep for coins and similar-sized objects and 3′ for larger objects.

Uncomplicated Plans For Waterproof Metal Detector Clarified

The submersible metal detector is equipped with a superb automatic and manual ground balancing which is essential to have in VLF machines to handle saltwater and a high volume of mineralization. If you are searching for a metal detector which is great both on land and in water, the Garrett AT PRO is an excellent choice.

On top of that, the metal detector device is quite easy to use even if you’ve never had the chance to use any metal detector. Also, the metal detector comes with a manual ground balance that makes it possible to use it across a variety of environments. You will also love the fact that this metal detector has a metal deep detecting mode. @Jim_N I would have no problem installing a large metal detector on my MSOC ROV. The best metal detector is the one that suits the users’ needs.

The Tesoro also comes with a terrifying 200ft depth range, which will satisfy even the most adventurous among us. This model has an adjustable frequency, it comes with a BBS multiple frequency upgrades, ranging from 1.5kHz – 25.5kHz which makes it perfect for finding something no matter the surface. Something for the more adventurous of us out there, this model can go all the way to 200ft depth, a bit more than I’d personally like to try. Whilst only able to support 10ft that is more than enough for most of the readers of this website, if you are a bit more adventurous check out the other models below, there are some perfect examples of deep sea detecting down there. Submersible to 10ft it can handle most places any hobbyist would want to go, if you’re looking to go deep sea diving you will, however, have to find an alternative.

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